This website has been created for Dr. Eaglins COP4813, Web Systems One, at Daytona State College. All class work can be found under the Assignments dropdown.

Scott Potter

I am currently a senior enrolled in Daytona State College's BSIT program and on track to obtaining my BS with a Cybersecurity and Cyberforensics certificate by the summer of 2019.

Scott Potter


While carrying a full course load, I am also employed full-time as an overnight baker for Panera Bread, responsible for $2,000 worth of product per shift. I produce $250 worth of product per hour, placing me with top level veteran bakers, despite having worked there for only a year and a half. An overnight job allows me to focus more of my energy into my education as I am actively trying to break into the IT field, which is my passion and cybersecurity as my ultimate goal.

I have also done freelance projects including:

  • Website building
  • PC and laptop repair
  • Building powerful PC's for video editing and gaming
  • Teaching the elderly on how to use computers to do everyday tasks such as sending emails, online shopping, and using skype.