This website exists to showcase my work with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This homepage was created mainly with bootstrap, which allows users to easily create visually appealing websites and navigation bars.

Scott Potter

I am currently a senior enrolled in Daytona State College's BSIT program and on track to obtaining my BS with a Cybersecurity and Cyberforensics certificate by the summer of 2019.

Scott Potter


While carrying a full course load, I am also employed full-time as an overnight baker for Panera Bread, responsible for $2,000 worth of product per shift. I produce $250 worth of product per hour, placing me with top level veteran bakers, despite having worked there for only a year and a half. An overnight job allows me to focus more of my energy into my education as I am actively trying to break into the IT field, which is my passion and cybersecurity as my ultimate goal.

I have also done freelance projects including:

  • Website building
  • PC and laptop repair
  • Building powerful PC's for video editing and gaming
  • Teaching the elderly on how to use computers to do everyday tasks such as sending emails, online shopping, and using skype.